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With experience across multiple education and industry settings, Skills Beyond School is a leading education specialist and dynamic independent End Point Assessment Organisation.

Working with training providers and employers, Skills Beyond School ensures that all apprentices have their knowledge, skills and behaviours assessed by industry specialist to the highest standard giving employers the confidence they need in the standards they have chosen for their apprentices. 

For Training Providers

At Skills Beyond School, we understand that new Apprenticeship Standards can be tricky to navigate first time. There are a lot of stages to complete, requirements and forms to fill out and lots of rules you’ll have to follow – but it’s our mission to ensure that everything is explained thoroughly and in easily digestible sections for you, the Training Provider to understand.

For Employers

The EPA Journey

1. Choose your EPAO
2. Set Up an EPA Agreement
3. Register for an EPA
4. Gateway Check

5. EPA Planning Meeting
6. Uploading Assessment Evidence
7. EPA Event
8. EPA Results and Certification

For Assessors

Whether you are already an experienced EPA Assessor or a qualified assessor looking to make the transition to End Point Assessment, Skills Beyond School has a support and training package that is right for you. Our flexible ways of working mean we have a solution that works for you.

For Apprentices

Skills Beyond School aims to provide you with the necessary information and resources to help guide you through your apprenticeship. Apprenticeships can present you with a whole range of new opportunities and choices, and Skills Beyond School aims to support you through every step of your Apprenticeship journey.


"Skills Beyond School have been very closely involved in the development of a number of Trailblazer Apprenticeships that we have chaired or had input to. Representatives of the organisation have always been committed and shown a great level of insight into the whole process and been invaluable to the group."

Mark Daily

"We have worked with Skills Beyond School to develop our educational arm. They have help us with compliance issues, guided through OfQual applications, and been instrumental in creating our End Point Assessment program. We are happy to recommend them on our experience."


"I’ve known Jock Fraser, the MD of Skills Beyond School, professionally for over ten years. During that time he has been an effective “critical friend”, helping us drive change, while being an effective engager with stakeholders, even when having to deliver difficult announcements. He was able to bring a needed balance of education knowledge and commercial expertise to help us in our journey to an Ofsted Outstanding rating."

Dr A Sutor

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