Kickstart Scheme: The Employees

Sep 30, 2021 | Industry News, Our News

In our last blog post, we explored what the Kickstart scheme is, how it works and why it is beneficial to those involved. However we also wanted to find out first-hand what it was really like to work as a kickstarter, so we conducted a short set of interviews to find out!


Project Assistant, 23 years old.  

I’m 23 and work as a Project Assistant with a local company. I came across the scheme through my job coach at the job centre. I expressed an interest in sustainability and this company was offering a kickstart vacancy. It’s an excellent scheme as my morale was very low being unemployed for almost a year as a graduate. I was more than happy to apply for the placement as I knew this might be an in-road into full time employment. At the end of the six months there may not be a permanent job which is a shame because I am enjoying the scheme very much. I would prefer it to be a 12 month placement if I had the choice. Kickstart is a great scheme and I feel like I am doing something worthwhile, the company I am with are treating me like I am one of there employees. I have also been offered courses which are relevant to the job. I feel these will definitely help me in gaining future employment.


Marketing Coordinator, 23 years old. 

I am 23 and work as a Marketing Coordinator within a local company. I had just moved back from university and was struggling to find the right career path for me, so I applied to a Kickstarter job advertisement on and contacted my work coach so they could confirm the next step. I knew marketing was a potential career path for me, however I was struggling to find a job which would accept my resume as I had little experience in marketing. The kickstart scheme has allowed me to be able to enter my chosen career path and experience this within a 6-month period, meaning I would have gained invaluable skills that can help me progress further in the field. I love what I do and this scheme really has kickstarted my career. 


Bid Writer, 24 years old. 

Graduating university during a pandemic has left me feeling lost, helpless and most importantly unemployed. Entering the job market at such a difficult time was very challenging so when my Jobcentre work coach referred me into a new role with the Kickstart scheme, I immediately knew that this would be my way out.

It has given me an opportunity to finally put my transferable skills into good use and develop them further in my new workplace. I am now confident that the provided training and experience will soon help me obtain long-term employment and I will finally be able to jumpstart my career. 

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